Are you staying in Saint Petersburg together with your beloved dog?

If so, we may offer you taining courses in northen and southern districts of Saint Petersburg and in Kirovsky district as follows:

 - puppy classes - for puppies from 3 till 5 months old

Special program focused on socialization, bite inhibition and mutual understanding between the puppy and the owner

- training classes for young and adult dogs in small groups (not more than 6 dogs); no age restrictions

- advanced training classes for those who want to participate in Obedience competitions

- training program for those who would like to join our Show Team

- nosework classes

Any course is available in English, but you have to agree this case in advance.

Personal courses are available anywhere in the city.


If you suppose that your dog needs some correction due to behavior problems, please, call us. We offer you the personal consultation to check your dog and recommend you some group classes or some personal program.

If you have to go for business trip or leave your house for any other reason and do not know what to do with your dog, we can offer you our mini hotel for dogs. Your dog will live in our experienced trainer's family, go for a walk 3 times a day (puppies - more often) and spend a lot of time in suburbs of St.Petersburg and on the beach of Finnish Gulf. 

If you have any questions or meet any problems after our classes, we are at your disposal from 10 till 21 every day, including weekends and holidays.