- to decrease agrression and fear in a human society by explaining dog owners how to keep and walk their dogs, and by teaching other people Dog Safety Rules, or how to communicate with dogs in a big city

- to explain the importance and value of pet dogs in a human society, to provide scientific evidences that pets significally improve the quality of life 

- to ensure comfortable and interesting life both dogs and their owners from the very first steps and up to desired results

- to provide dog owners and all those who are interested in animal behavior, the place and possibilities to meet and exchange experience

- to provide those children who do not have any pets at home, the opportunity to communicate with dogs, to understand them and to love them, and at the same time to respect other people as well

-  to conduct free lectures in childcare centers and schools about Dog Communication Rules 

- to decrease the quantity of homeless dogs by assisting dog owners in training and understanding their pets' nature

- to prevent returns of shelter dogs by providing training courses, lectures and personal consultations to potential owners