Kashtanka Dog Club is both for those who already has a furry family member and for those who is just planning to get a dog. The goal of our Club is to unify all responsible dog owners who would like to make their dogs' life interesting and fascinating. Responsibility. careness and attention to the needs of our dogs means that first of all we are ready to change our own personality.

Taking in account your hopes and wishes, we can teach you the dog language, explain the differenсe between our and their perception of the surrounding world and describe the problems arose from that difference. We will also show you how to manage those problems.

Kashtanka Dog Club offers you:

- training classes twice a week with the main focus on mutual understanding between the owner and the dog

- experienced team of trainers who appreciate the unique personality of each dog and treat them with love and care. There is no place for depression and anger in our classes, everybody is friendly and smiling

- several training programs adressed to puppies and adult dogs, including tricks and nosework. We use the modern experience of the best trainers inn the world to develop our programs, and still try to adopt them to every single dog

- a space where everybody feels comfortable and gets as much attention as he/she needs

- joint walks, birthday parties, picknics - everything you might wish to do together with your dog

- our Kashtanka Show Team is ready to perform at your events to make them special and unforgettable


We love dogs and respect their owners. We would be glad to make friends with you!